Book Review: Heaven is for Real!

Heaven is for realMaybe, I should begin this review with saying, I am naturally skeptical about “near death” experiences. Yet, after reading this book I was amazed. So, check out the book and keep in mind the following 2 points:

  1. If Jesus Christ is glorified and experiences point to his divinity and work, then…
  2. All things are possible with God

Thus, I let the Lord sift out his truth from non-truth.

With those comments, I can proceed with my review of Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Todd shared his 5 year old son’s, Colton, experience of going to Heaven during a medical emergency. At first glance it may sound like one of those “near death” experiences that seem to occur with many people, both Christian and non-Christians. Yet, once you read the book, you find there are facts that make Colton’s experience unique, believable, and inspiring.


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