Book Review: Heaven: Your Real Home

In Heaven: Your Real Home

Joni Earekson Tada shares her heartfelt yearning for the promised hope of eternal life with our blessed Savior. The best way to share her perspective of this expectant life and wonderful place called Heaven is through the following poem from the book:

Heaven painting_cover

A water color by Joni!

Joni’s Waltz

Though I spend my mortal lifetime in this chair,
I refuse to waste it living in despair.
And though others may receive
Gifts of healing, I believe
That He has given me a gift beyond compare…

For heaven is nearer to me,
And at times it is all I can see.
Sweet music I hear
Coming down to my ear;
And I know that it’s playing for me.

For I am Christ the Savior’s own bride,
And redeemed I shall stand by His side.
He will say, “Shall we dance?”
And our endless romance
Will be worth all the tears I have cried.

I rejoice with him whose pain my Savior heals.
And I weep with him who still his anguish feels.
But earthly joys and earthly tears,
Are confined to earthly years,
And a greater good the Word of God reveals.

In this life we have a cross that we must bear;
A tiny part of Jesus’ death that we can share.
And one day we’ll lay it down,
For he has promised us a crown,
To which our suffering can never be compared.

by Nancy Honeytree (1995, p. 11)

Joni is amazing woman for the Lord whose life work is dedicated to the disabled. Check out the website and ministry at Joni and Friends. 


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