Fostering Future Nurses

First, I will go on the record to say…I am late with this blog entry. My life has gotten away from me and I am trying to get back on track. 

As a a Christian professional you may have asked, “What is the difference between mentoring and discipleship?” Mentoring is tailored for professional development from a more experienced colleague. Discipleship, like mentoring, uses the process of experience guiding the less experienced (Paul & Timothy in the NT is a great example. But, the focuses is on the spiritual maturation of the individual. Many Christians may have or have had a mature Christian guide them in the early years of faith. The article Fostering Future Nurses in Journal of Christian Nursing discusses how Christian nurses can merge discipleship with mentoring for a caring, committed relationship to guide future professionals in cultivating a Christian nurse. 
As an experienced nurse, I have had great mentors guide me as a professional nurse. My first mentor was a nurse I worked with in the hospital who really cultivated my critical thinking. When I left the hospital to teach, I told her it was because of her guidance that developed my clinical judgment and led to my move to academics. My next mentor was an excellent professor who was first my teacher then a colleague. She really gave me a solid foundation for teaching/learning, curriculum, and academic leadership.
How about you? Share your great nursing mentors…I look forward to hearing from you!