SBAR: Passion for Nursing

    A word in scripture for passion can be seen with the word “zeal.” In 2 Kings 19:31 it says “The zeal of the Lord shall perform this.” God is zealous in his ways and with those he loves. The Old Testament is a picture of God’s passionate devotion for the Israelites. God exhibited this zeal while providing for his people. Yahweh also sent many prophets to communicate his love personally to his people. Of course, the ultimate display of his passion is through His son, Jesus Christ.

This same passion or zeal was continued through the apostles in the first century. In Acts 2, verses 42-44. The passage shares how the early Christians were always together, devoted to one another and were hungry for the teaching of the apostles. They were zealous for the work of Christ to continue, which it did.  Later on in the passage in verse 47 it says, “The Lord added to their number day by day.”  Their zeal to spread the work of Christ manifested in their lives and impacted those around them.

    As a Christian nurse, we can have this same passion. As nurses, our overall passion is to bring Christ to those around us, just like the 1st century Christians. Maybe at this point I should back up and and ask do you see your career or job as a nurse as a calling from God?  Or as a ministry for Jesus? Or do you see how God has chosen you to be a nurse? It can be a bit mind boggling—but I believe God has called men and women to come and care for the sick and suffering. How that may occur may be different for each one of us. Whether you are in academics, research, administration, or the clinical setting you are bringing the love of Jesus to patients. 
    Just like our job descriptions may be different, our passion in nursing may be different. Maybe you are passionate about the uninsured or the homeless, prayer in nursing, or disabled children.  If you are unsure of your passion in nursing, then spend some time in prayer seeking the Lord. Is there some area of nursing that is really exciting to you or “bugs” you? I use the word bugs or irritate you, because sometimes our passion comes from a dislike of a situation. Changing practices, petitioning for legislative changes, or taking a leadership position to change the current work environment, can be areas where our passion is revealed through a dislike of a situation

 On the other hand, when you think of passion, are you someone who better relates to floundering in the big ocean of nursing without much steam nor direction? This is true for many of us. I see students enter nursing school knowing exactly what they want, while others are exploring. I say, if you are exploring with your passion or your career, then keep exploring and be open to what God wants to do in your life. 
    Some ideas on helping you to discover your passion is to seek the Holy Spirit through prayer, journal your ideas and thoughts, as well as talk to close friends and colleagues. This process will help you discover your passion in nursing.
    Tell me about your passion in nursing!

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