Fruitful in Nursing: VINE

            In the article for Christian Nursing 101, I discuss the necessary components of a fruitful nursing practice using the acronym VINE: Vitality of Joy, Intimately connected with the Lord through unceasing prayer, Nutrients found in the bible and Christian nursing resources and Emulating the living Savior. Is there one of these four components that speaks to your heart more than the others?

            For me it is “Emulating the living Savior.” I have to share with you an experience to explain. One of the hospitals I work at has a wonderful spiritual care department, with many caring, gentle chaplains who work very hard to meet the spiritual needs of the patients, families, and staff. There is a specific gentleman who radiates peace, gentleness, and caring. He doesn’t even say anything. When he enters a patient’s room, I feel his calm demeanor. One day, I realized I wanted to radiate this same qualities.  As an energetic, med-surg nurse who feels like most of the time I seemingly run on a hamster wheel with tendencies to be klutzy and loud; the thought of being meek and gentle is a hope of mine—found through Christ Jesus. How about you, what components of the VINE do you pray for?

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