NCFI: Art and Science of Spiritual Care

I have been on a whirlwind journey with NCFI nurses from around the world.

Around Jan, 2011 I joined NCFI to partner with international nurses to create an educational module for spiritual care. Thanks to Skype we were able to work through 4 time zones and busy nurses schedules to create a 4-session educational presentation. The team included myself and Amy from the USA, Tove from Norway, and Swee Eng from Singapore. All of us, except Amy, met and taught the content to international health care providers at the 75th jubilee conference for HCFI in Manila, Philippines in September, 2011. 

We came home and connected with Grace from Colombia and supported Swee Eng’s move to a leadership presentation. Once again, through Skype, we endeavored to create a final presentation with workbook, as well as translation into Spanish. We will be meeting once again in Chile to teach the content at the NCFI conference in Santiago, Chile.

Before we get the idea that the project is completed, Amy, Tove, and myself have submitted an abstract to present a 80 minute symposium at the International Council of Nurses (ICN) conference in May, 2013.

Prayer Room in Taipai airport

The Lord continues to work amazingly, as we endeavor to educate and support nurses around the world in bringing cross-culturally spiritual care to our patients, clients, and residents.

For more pictures, go to      nurses4him facebook link

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